Greenpeace: Making The World Greener One (Oil Giant) Company At A Time

Back in July Greenpeace released a video called LEGO: Everything is NOT awesome. If you haven’t seen it yet, watch it now:

Remember the Greenpeace campaign against Nestlé? It eventually forced the company to stop using products that come from rainforest destruction. Once again, Greenpeace have made a powerful video, which brought great success to their cause. The planning of their campaign is note-worthy, as they timed it so the video was uploaded to YouTube just after most people had already seen the Lego Movie, which was released a few months prior to the campaign and received mostly positive reviews. Lego is generally associated with happy childhood play times, which is why it provides such a good contrast to oil spills and the destruction of an aspect of the natural world. Additionally, the Greenpeace video is set to a melancholic version of Everything Is Awesome, the original Tegan and Sara song being well known to fans of the film.

The campaign, powered with the hashtag #SaveTheArctic received support from more than a million people worldwide, who urged Lego to stop collaborating with Shell. Today, Lego made an official announcement saying it has done just that – end the £70 million marketing contract with Shell. Success!

The video itself is Greenpeace’s most viral video ever and continues to gain traction even after three months. For more details on the success of this campaign, visit Greenpeace’s blog.

Whether you agree with Greenpeace and believe things can change for good one company at a time, or if you think Shell was the innocent victim in all of this (as some online comments suggest), one thing is certain: Crowdsourcing through social media should not be underestimated.

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