This blog will discuss current issues in the world of social media. At times these issues will connect with The Circle.

The Circle is a novel by American writer Dave Eggers. It is a work of fiction set in a technologically enhanced world. I should say, an even more technologically enhanced world than the one we currently find ourselves in. The technology itself is advanced but what makes The Circle an interesting read is the widespread use of social media. Not social media platforms but a platform. The Circle is a new form of social media, its newness being in not its specificity on one aspect of information sharing, rather it is a combined version of all our existing social media forms – Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and the like have all bowed down to the great and all-encompassing Circle.

Read a short summary of the book here.

This book is a work of fiction, yes. Based on reality, however, it deals with several issues we might be facing in the not-so-distant future.

How much truth is there in The Circle? Stay tuned.

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